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(ancient Rome) a professional combatant or a captive who entertained the public by engaging in mortal combat

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This would have been the terrifying life of a gladiator forced into service at Roman Caerleon - until his death in front of a crowd 6,000 strong.
Gladiators were slaves who would have been trained in gladiator school and when not fighting they would have been kept in shackles to stop them escaping.
5-inch display regardless of the performance issues, then the Kult Gladiator is a pretty decent choice.
Participants tested themselves through a series of interactive Gladiator Zones and muddy trails, with all the obstacles manned by "real Gladiators", who injected some fun into each obstacle, armed with foam weapons, paint guns and inflatables.
In May three Gladiator - Horvath, Wilson and Charlie Martin-Stuart, travel to compete in Wales in hope of continuing their impressive form.
Gladiator Warrior, alias Mike Ahearne, takes part in a |charity football match at Gateshead Stadium, 1994
99, H&M Ripped denim shorts PS14, George @ Asda High-leg gladiator sandals PS35, Fashion World Fringed bag PS32, Very The 22-year-old Little Mix star spices up a pair of lace shorts with knee-high gladiators.
The only other gladiator school ever found has been partially excavated behind the Coliseum in Rome.
Archaeologists have discovered an ancient Roman gladiator school situated in Austria.
London, February 27 ( ANI ): Archaeologists have virtually recreated a Roman gladiator school discovered on the banks of the River Danube in Austria.
It might seem odd to compare football to the blood-soaked gladiator shows of ancient Rome, but Tony Spawforth, professor of ancient history at Newcastle University, believes the two have much in common.
com)-- WinADay Casino has just introduced a mind-boggling new Roman-themed slots game, Gladiator Games.
When producers Walter Parkes and Doug Wick approached Ridley Scott to direct Gladiator, they sensed that the creator of fdms like Alien, Blade Runner, and Thelma and Louise may not be easily convinced to make a film set in ancient Rome.
Juvenal also spilled the gossip on Eppia, the wife of a senator, saying she abandoned her children and ran off to Egypt with a gladiator even though he had "a broken arm, a big bump on the nose and a rheumy eye.