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made joyful


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Trojans," he cried, "bid the father and mother of noble Ilioneus make moan for him in their house, for the wife also of Promachus son of Alegenor will never be gladdened by the coming of her dear husband--when we Argives return with our ships from Troy.
When Sheldon emerged from among the trees he found Joan waiting at the compound gate, and he could not fail to see that she was visibly gladdened at the sight of him.
First time in memory: The Supreme Court issued three rulings this week that gladdened the hearts of the nationalist camp.
The sight of her bruised but happy little face and her burly RAF dad's tears of joy gladdened the heart.
My heart gladdened when I discovered the Theatre Royal had put her up in a flat on grand Grey Street, knowing she could not fail to have been impressed by the finest Georgian street in the country.
There are many thousands of republicans in Wales, many of whom are not in Plaid Cymru, who were gladdened by the courageous stance of Leanne Wood in staying away from the Queen's opening of the Assembly.
With a gladdened heart I wanted to thank President Bush for maybe, hopefully, against all odds, stripping Syria of its inexplicable cloak of power that has occupied, terrorized, intimidated and demeaned the tiny country next door.
As his eyes lift from beneath lowered lids to take informal attendance, would he be gladdened to see a Muslim, a Catholic, a Jew, a Hindu, a Buddhist, a Baha'i, a Unitarian, a Scientologist, all accompanied by the chants of Hare Krishnas?
Dyson gladdened the hearts of the conference participants with the observation that the internet was made for the type of "contentcommunity" that newsletters are noted for--that while thousands of publishers and marketers are spending billions attracting internet customers, newsletter publishers are in the enviable position of already possessing substantive, value-added content.
MARTINE McCutcheon gladdened the hearts of every Scotsman yesterday - after admitting she's still on the market.