glad hand

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a warm welcome

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In addition to offering truck and trailer parts, Wick's Truck Trailers will now market and distribute several WAR-LOK(TM) t-Series products including: the TAB-10 (truck air brake lock), the TKP-10 (trailer king pin lock), the TGH-10 (trailer glad hand lock), the TL-10 (trailer rear door lock) and the TH-10 (trailer rear door hasp).
CHATTY J Kate at Whitton Country Park GORGEOUS Smiling Kate captivates the wedding well-wishers HIGH POINT J Couple in Darwen LAUGHS J She's given red roses GLAD HAND Waving to crowd yesterday
The WAR-LOK TSK-50 package includes a TL-10 (a cast steel barrier box with a reusable, removable, keyed locking device that fits securely over the hasp of most trailers with swing-out doors), TKP-10 (a king pin lock designed for dropped trailers), TAB-10 (a truck air brake lock that protects idling trucks from theft by completely encasing the air valves), TGH-10 (a glad hand lock that protects a trailer's air brake system from being connected to the tractor) and a Top Security Padlock, all in a convenient carrying case.
The TSK-50 is a complete tractor/trailer security solution that includes the TL-10 barrier box, TKP-10 king pin lock, TAB-10 air brake lock, TGH-10 glad hand lock and the TPL pad lock from the t-Series line of WAR-LOK cargo locks.
The TAB-10 (truck air brake lock) and the TGH-10 (trailer glad hand lock) prevent cargo tampering, theft and terrorism threats on trucks and trailers.
RAWALPINDI -- Chief of Army Staff (COAS), General Raheel Sharif, says the military give a glad hand to all those who have finally made up their minds to mend their violent ways to give up on insurgency.