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(used especially of fruits) preserved by coating with or allowing to absorb sugar

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The HAaAaAeA tel de Glace, which is entirely constructed by i and snow, first launched 18 years ago.
The dirty miner's face is a trope used extensively in the novel and the film Margaret's Museum, appearing at times of trauma or to signify solidarity, such as when Peggy, daughter of the mine manager, re-emerges from hiding in the coal bin from her father, her face "all over black," showing her allegiance with Ian, Neil, and Margaret (Currie, Glace Bay 85).
In more seriously trained athletes, let's say a triathlete, they might do a run in the morning and a swim or bike workout later in the afternoon," says Glace.
Beat butter and icing sugar together for the frosting, then pipe icing on top of each cake before decorating with hundreds and thousands and glace cherries.
The world-renowned Cirque de Glace ice spectacular, Evolution, has been garnering rave reviews from audiences of all ages and recording unprecedented success during its tour in Jordan.
Stir through the cherries, ginger, glace fruit and chopped pistachios.
MacLean was born and raised in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, the son of John W.
Savory Creations now offers a beef demi glace and a line of liquid broth concentrates in stick packs for retailers' store brand programs.
based Strauss Brands is adding Free Raised Glace de Veau, a veal stock reduction that dates back to the 1700s.
Andros Marneros, Glace cafe owner said yesterday that nearby shopkeepers opposed the steel cage, which municipal workers have bolted to the ground.
10 glace cherries, cut in half You will need a 2lb Loaf tin to cook Nana Bread
HMCS Glace Bay and Summerside had just returned from an 18-day fisheries patrol off the grand banks, while HMCS Goose Bay was making its third port visit.
Glace Bay remembers and welcomes you back at any time.
La seule chose qu'ils savent c'est qu'ils adorent la glace Chunky Monkey de Ben & Jerry, la gamme a faible teneur en matieres grasses de Dreyer's et le sorbet a la poire de Berthillon.