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(used especially of fruits) preserved by coating with or allowing to absorb sugar

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The dirty miner's face is a trope used extensively in the novel and the film Margaret's Museum, appearing at times of trauma or to signify solidarity, such as when Peggy, daughter of the mine manager, re-emerges from hiding in the coal bin from her father, her face "all over black," showing her allegiance with Ian, Neil, and Margaret (Currie, Glace Bay 85).
The extra sugar provides more carbohydrates for energy storage," explains Glace.
We are very proud of the massive success Cirque de Glace has garnered in Jordan.
According to Strauss officials, making Glace de Veau is a very time-consuming task, accounting for its scarcity at retail.
The tree, which sits between the Squeeze juice bar and Glace cafe, was pruned back to waist height two years ago, and left in place to grow back.
HMCS Glace Bay and Summerside had just returned from an 18-day fisheries patrol off the grand banks, while HMCS Goose Bay was making its third port visit.
This loaf cake is packed with glace cherries but doesn't go overboard on the vine fruits.
Try different types of dried or glace fruits, and for a less sweet version, use continental plain chocolate.
La seule chose qu'ils savent c'est qu'ils adorent la glace Chunky Monkey de Ben & Jerry, la gamme a faible teneur en matieres grasses de Dreyer's et le sorbet a la poire de Berthillon.
Typical products turned out from the small pieces are drawer backs, sides and bottoms; cigar box stock; candy and glace fruit boxes; and novelty items.
The 9 Mini Mince Pies contain rich mincemeat, almonds, apricots, brandy and Courvoisier[R] VS Cognac in all butter pastry topped with brazil nuts, glace cherries and marzipan stars.
All the prints used for the DVD transfer are in good condition, and highlights include Jean Epstein's La Glace a trois faces (The Three-Sided Mirror, 1927), surely one of the most brilliant experiments with time in the history of cinema, and Dimitri Kirsanov's Menilmontant (1926), an equally impressive experiment with space.
Paul's, Glace Bay, made its final loan payment on March 23, cancelling a $1.
Through my art, I hope to give others an understanding of my being and to be able to momentarily glace at how I see life.