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lacking hair or a similar growth or tending to become hairless

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2 cm long, terete in cross-section, with a pair of glands at base of petiole, glabrous, covered with a dense clusters of scales (more evident when dry); blade ovate to elliptic, 9-27 x 5-12 cm, coriaceous, green adaxially, light green abaxially, apex acuminate, base cuneate to rounded, sometimes oblique, margin with scattered small teeth, glabrous adaxially, glabrate and with minute punctations abaxially, 4-5 pairs of main lateral veins, higher order of venation only evident abaxially.
Shrub or small tree 2-5(8) m tall; stems densely velutinous with subsessile or short-stalked V- or Y-shaped hairs in first year, glabrate in second year.
Mostly erect annual, biennial, or perennial herbs, stellate pubescent to glabrate (Naqshi et al.
Leaves alternate; short-petiolate; blades obovate to oblong, pinnately veined, margin obtusely dentate-serrate, pubescent to glabrate.
Astrocaryum chambira differs from the other species of subgenus Astrocaryum in having the biggest fruit, with epicarp glabrate when unripe, usually smooth, sometimes sparsely spinulose, greenish to yellowish when ripe, and a distinctive massive obconical perianth, and in having yellowish spines on the petioles of juvenile plants.
Leaves alternate, often clustered at the stem apex; petiolate; blades narrowly spathulate, oblanceolate to obovate, coriaceous, pinnately veined, margins entire, thickened, revolute, glabrous, if pubescent, then generally rapidly glabrate.