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They tortured her for giving birth to a second daughter, and that too within hours of the labour work.
She said: "To be honest the bedroom scenes ranged from the wedding night to having arguments and morning coffee and reading papers and giving birth.
Thank God, this is the most joyous feeling for a person, a person who was denied giving birth for many years.
Rosie said: "We would never take the risk of me giving birth in France again.
The actress has previously said she will be in no rush to lose her baby weight after giving birth.
Washington, Jan 27 ( ANI ): In mice, like in humans, giving birth multiple times, irrespective of age, can lead to significant weight gain, and inflammation, a new study has revealed.
MANDI BAHAUDDIN, November 19, 2011 (Frontier Star): A man the other day has burned his wife to death for giving birth to a female child here.
She said that women used to prefer giving birth at home because there were few female doctors, or husbands were unable to afford the hospital expenses.
Summary: JEDDAH: Most women wouldn't even think of giving birth at home without the expertise of a doctor or midwife and access to modern medical technology.
Mum-of-three Kristine said: "The three happiest days of my life were giving birth to my daughters and I thought I could choose to do this for someone I love.
The trend of women giving birth later is accelerating in Tokyo,'' a metropolitan government official in charge of the data compilation said, adding that among the likely reasons is that there are more job opportunities for women.
Sharihan traveled to France before giving birth foe medical examinations.
Giving birth to quintuplets can be dangerous and historically it has been rare that all five children survive.
Among women who had entered the program with two risk factors, 30-37% resolved both risks before giving birth, and among women who had had all three risk factors, 20% resolved all of them.