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America's Bobbie McCaughey holds the record for giving birth to the most surviving children from a single birth.
My mother had warned me it's really common to feel a bit low a few days after giving birth.
After giving birth, it's the last thing I will think about.
There weren't doctors before and women were still giving birth and having healthy babies.
During the Israeli occupation of the city in 1982, patrols used to stop her at night on her way to assist women in giving birth.
The first part of the study showed that giving birth multiple times was a significant contributor to obesity regardless of age, with mice who gave birth multiple times being up to 45 percent heavier than those who had a single litter at the same age that the first animals had their fourth.
MANDI BAHAUDDIN, November 19, 2011 (Frontier Star): A man the other day has burned his wife to death for giving birth to a female child here.
The rate of teens giving birth in UK hospitals has fallen.
Helen Truslove, 32 and a junior sister, became a mum for the first time after giving birth to baby Isobelle.
Adele Walker followed shortly afterwards - giving birth to Riley (6lb 12 oz) at 1.
Giving birth to quintuplets can be dangerous and historically it has been rare that all five children survive.
Sharihan traveled to France before giving birth foe medical examinations.
The Radio City presenter said it was a far more relaxing experience than how she would imagine giving birth in a hospital to be: "I felt so much more comfortable at home, I could have a shower in my own surroundings, make a snack and walk about.
The trend of women giving birth later is accelerating in Tokyo,'' a metropolitan government official in charge of the data compilation said, adding that among the likely reasons is that there are more job opportunities for women.
Mum-of-three Kristine said: "The three happiest days of my life were giving birth to my daughters and I thought I could choose to do this for someone I love.