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Synonyms for giving

the imparting of news or promises etc.

disposing of property by voluntary transfer without receiving value in return

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Were not the son of Atreus offering you gifts and promising others later--if he were still furious and implacable-- I am not he that would bid you throw off your anger and help the Achaeans, no matter how great their need; but he is giving much now, and more hereafter; he has sent his captains to urge his suit, and has chosen those who of all the Argives are most acceptable to you; make not then their words and their coming to be of none effect.
It also has its compensations in giving one an opportunity to meet some of the best people in the world--to be more correct, I think I should say the best people in the world.
Washington, for giving me the opportunity to help a good cause.
I repeat that the main rule by which I have been guided in collecting money is to do my full duty in regard to giving people who have money an opportunity for help.
Huntington gave me the first two dollars, I did not blame him for not giving me more, but made up my mind that I was going to convince him by tangible results that we were worthy of larger gifts.
I go there every year shooting, and your forest's worth a hundred and fifty roubles and acre paid down, while he's giving you sixty by installments.
So here you are," said Stepan Arkadyevitch, giving him his hand.
He had a piece of an old glove in his mouth, having eaten up the rest of it; however, being young, and having more strength than his mother, the mate got something down his throat, and he began sensibly to revive; though by giving him, some time after, but two or three spoonfuls extraordinary, he was very sick, and brought it up again.
At which he spoke not a word, but giving his musket to the man that was with him, threw his arms abroad, saying something in Spanish that I did not perfectly hear, came forward and embraced me, telling me he was inexcusable not to know that face again that he had once seen, as of an angel from heaven sent to save his life; he said abundance of very handsome things, as a well-bred Spaniard always knows how, and then, beckoning to the person that attended him, bade him go and call out his comrades.
The solution, the theory goes, is an innovative brand of giving termed "venture philanthropy.
following appropriate procedures when giving medications through a feeding tube;
Keitha Robson, manager of the Timmins Chamber of Commerce, introduces her community by giving gift baskets filled with local fudge, chocolate moulds, pins and a mug to people who just moved into the community.
I later asked her if she wanted additional copies, and she said yes, so I am giving her my Animals' Agenda each time I finish a copy.
When you realize that everything you have and everything you do is from God, then you have a completely different reason for giving--you're giving back to God in thanksgiving.
And his dedication to giving to educational organizations and charities exemplifies the virtues of DOFE principle No.