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Now in its ninth year, the popular literary event gives voice to the stories and poetry of commercial fishing life recorded in journals or shared via radio during long hours at sea.
The Port Security Telecommunications Network will provide a joint and discreet communications system that gives voice, data and video to field units, while having the ability to integrate a range of sensors and early warning devices - video cameras and encoders, undersea sensors, motion and proximity sensors, and biochemical sensors - into one comprehensive security system.
Event Gives Voice to Unspeakable -- 1 in 5 Individuals Suffer from a
0 gives voice application developers, developers and operators the ability to perform fully automated testing and monitoring of today's increasingly complex telephony systems.
The last part of the exhibit (the sixties) gives voice to a mixture of feelings, which gradually emerged, for example the murders of President Kennedy and Martin Luther King, the Vietnam War, but also the spectacular moon landing.
com gives voice to those who made history and gives context to those who want to learn more.
Through its services, community programs, public policy agendas, commitment to professional education, and annual national convention (May 3-5 in Boston), the AAWD gives voice to women advancing dentistry.