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Synonyms for given

Synonyms for given

having or showing a tendency or likelihood

Synonyms for given

an assumption that is taken for granted

acknowledged as a supposition


Related Words

(usually followed by 'to') naturally disposed toward

References in classic literature ?
1) All the appearances of different stars in a given place, or,
2) All the appearances of a given star in different places.
Eliot gave them occasionally an apple or a cake; and the adults were requested to repeat to them the instructions that had been given.
O my soul, now have I given thee all, and even my last possession, and all my hands have become empty by thee:--THAT I BADE THEE SING, behold, that was my last thing to give!
The principle of selection I find distinctly given in an ancient Chinese encyclopaedia.
By comparing the accounts given in old pigeon treatises of carriers and tumblers with these breeds as now existing in Britain, India, and Persia, we can, I think, clearly trace the stages through which they have insensibly passed, and come to differ so greatly from the rock-pigeon.
But not only fewer just causes of war will be given by the national government, but it will also be more in their power to accommodate and settle them amicably.
A similar treatment, too, was being given to the Christmas scene, still more humanly beautiful, of his birth in the manger, and occasionally the two scenes might be taken from their regular places in the service, combined, and presented at any season of the year.
In 1311 a new impetus was given to the whole ceremony by the establishment of the late spring festival of Corpus Christi, a celebration of the doctrine of transubstantiation.
He paused and hesitated after she had given him her hand, and then said, "There's no knowing but what you may see things different after a while.
And this blessed gift of venerating love has been given to too many humble craftsmen since the world began for us to feel any surprise that it should have existed in the soul of a Methodist carpenter half a century ago, while there was yet a lingering after-glow from the time when Wesley and his fellow-labourer fed on the hips and haws of the Cornwall hedges, after exhausting limbs and lungs in carrying a divine message to the poor.
SOCRATES: Therefore the double line, boy, has given a space, not twice, but four times as much.
This time it was not the king that smiled; it was the young lady presented, because, for the first time in her life, she heard, given to her by Madame, who generally showed no tendency to spoil her, such an honorable qualification.
On that occasion, and again on this, she has given me no cause to complain of her.
and to him is given the palm in the middle-class of speech' is just, but is liable to give a wrong impression.