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Synonyms for give




give someone away

give something out: distribute

give something up: abandon


give something up: quit


give something up: hand over

Synonyms for give

to make a gift of

to present as a gift to a charity or cause

to relinquish to the possession or control of another

to distribute (money) as payment

to provide as a remedy

to mete out by means of some action

to let have as a favor, prerogative, or privilege

to put in the charge of another for care, use, or performance

to set aside or distribute as a share

to produce on the stage

to organize and carry out (an activity)

to cause (a disease) to pass to another or others

to bring forth (a product)

to discharge material, as vapor or fumes, usually suddenly and violently

to be unable to hold up


give away: to disclose in a breach of confidence

give back: to put (someone) in the possession of a prior position or office

give back: to send, put, or carry back to a former location

give forth: to discharge material, as vapor or fumes, usually suddenly and violently

give in: to cease opposition


give off: to discharge material, as vapor or fumes, usually suddenly and violently

give out: to discharge material, as vapor or fumes, usually suddenly and violently

give out: to cease functioning properly

give out: to suddenly lose all health or strength

give out: to lose so much strength and power as to become ineffective or motionless

give out: to make or become no longer active or productive

give out: to prove deficient or insufficient


give over: to yield (oneself) unrestrainedly, as to a particular impulse

give over: to cease consideration or treatment of

give up: to yield (oneself) unrestrainedly, as to a particular impulse

give up: to cease trying to accomplish or continue

give up: to desist from, cease, or discontinue (a habit, for example)

give up: to cease consideration or treatment of

give up: to lose all hope

Synonyms for give

the elasticity of something that can be stretched and returns to its original length

Related Words

cause to have, in the abstract sense or physical sense

convey or reveal information

convey, as of a compliment, regards, attention, etc.

organize or be responsible for

Related Words

convey or communicate

cause to happen or be responsible for

transmit (knowledge or skills)

leave with

emit or utter

give entirely to a specific person, activity, or cause

give (as medicine)

bestow, especially officially


move in order to make room for someone for something

contribute to some cause

estimate the duration or outcome of something

execute and deliver

Related Words

deliver in exchange or recompense

afford access to


present to view

Related Words

perform for an audience

be flexible under stress of physical force


accord by verdict

manifest or show

Related Words

offer in good faith

submit for consideration, judgment, or use

Related Words

guide or direct, as by behavior of persuasion

Related Words

allow to have or take

inflict as a punishment

consent to engage in sexual intercourse with a man

proffer (a body part)

Related Words

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The NAC chief acknowledged that she is given to believe that the NCPCR has already initiated action and kick- started the process of getting in touch with the various central ministries and also the Haryana government.
Today we are given to believe that a Government that is directly elected by the people and accountable to it cannot be trusted but a body that will not derive its legitimacy from the people directly or be accountable to it could be trusted to wield its immense powers with honour and trust," said Dr.
The land has been sold, we are given to believe, six or nine months ago.
I'm given to believe that many families no longer sit down regularly together for a traditional dinner, but Tuesday will be different.
I can only remember it happening once but I was given to believe it was an annual event.
And then we are given to believe that Prince Charles went down on his knee to propose to Camilla Parker--Bowles.
I WAS given to believe that 21st-century woman was a domestic goddess who could cook a cordon bleu dinner, raise three kids, run a high-profile career and cope with any crisis without so much as chipping her nail varnish.
No," said Parkes, "But we were given to believe that Yugoslavia decided that themselves and the Republic would be similarly affected.
I'm given to believe that he's an extremely busy person as he has to sort out close to 40,000 racehorse names each year before he says EoACAyyes' or EoACAyno'.
s a rom week who f his ainst 2010, Hodgson, expected to name Lampard as captain, explained: "Michael would have always been in our thinking, but I was given xpected to d as captain, chael would een in our was given to believe he didn't want to be part of the England set-up or be considered for the Euros.
Many may be given to believe that the place may be restricted to rock music, but Dhar informed us that they welcomed a huge genre of music -- from blues to qawwali -- with arms wide open.
Local councillor David Coleman said: "We were given to believe it would be a small fair and that turned out not to be the case.
It wasn't the way we were given to believe it would be done.
The fishing community, which has been keeping close track of the weather forecasts and warnings, is given to believe that it would be foolhardy to venture out to sea at least till the end of the week.
Totally misleading impressions were left with the public, who were given to believe that huge additional sums were being offered.