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Synonyms for nod





give someone the nod


  • give the go-ahead
  • give the green light
  • give the okay
  • greenlight

Synonyms for nod

to respond affirmatively; receive with agreement or compliance

to sleep for a brief period

an inclination of the head or body, as in greeting, consent, courtesy, submission, or worship

the act or process of accepting

Words related to nod

a sign of assent or salutation or command

Related Words

the act of nodding the head

express or signify by nodding

lower and raise the head, as to indicate assent or agreement or confirmation

sway gently back and forth, as in a nodding motion

Related Words

be almost asleep

Related Words

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And he has been given the nod by Capello to wear the armband against the Swiss while Terry continues to recover froma foot injury.
The Malta international has so far not managed to break into Iain Dowie's Championship starting line-up but was given the nod at Brunton Park along with Andy Marshall and Ellery Cairo making his debut.
PLANS to build a hotel, pub and shops at a key North Wales roadside site were given the nod yesterday.
5 with Farah given the nod by the photo finish judge.
Ireland Under-21 star Anthony Stokes admits fellow young Gunner Walcott has incredible pace and potential but was shocked when he was given the nod for England's World Cup squad.
A proposal by France and Germany to tax aviation fuel to raise development funds for Africa has been given the nod by the executive of the European Union.
Platt was expected to be given the nod - even though Sven turned down the job at Stamford Bridge.
Jack Black, given the nod for best comedic performance for his turn in ``The School of Rock,'' accepted his golden bucket of popcorn in a John Kerry T-shirt.
Cell phone use on public transportation was endorsed by 53% and use in restaurants was given the nod by 29%.
Beyond the weight issue, castings are given the nod for their role in reducing noise, improving strength, inventory piece reductions (consolidations) and near-net shape advantages to reduce downstream processing, to name a few.
Foster, a teacher and school administrator who was given the nod by Buchanan on August 11, has been a Buchanan backer for years, cochairing his 1996 presidential run.
Shipping "conferences" -- or industry alliances -- have been given the nod by the Australian Productivity Commission, which has found that conferences help exporters.
We're not sure if it only took one judge or dozens of them moaning and groaning about their lack of space to get things moving, but sure 'nuf, our Jay Street Sleuths say Mayor Rudolph Giuliani has given the nod to a long approved plan to provide Brooklyn magistrates with more fortifications, provided the Mayor "gets to cut the ribbon,, before he cuts out of town.
The National Research Council (NRC) has given the nod to the use of a grass native to India as a way of controlling erosion in tropical countries.
Some of the greatest active coaches in high school basketball were given the nod today to lead the top high school talent in the country at the 2006 McDonald's All American Games, March 29, 2006 in San Diego State's Cox Arena.