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The Solihull-born Good Life star was given the elbow despite her American Smooth seeing her awarded her highest score of 30 points in the BBC dance show.
There has been a few tweaks - the celebrity quiz master has been given the elbow - but, as ever, as much thought has gone into the questions as the answers.
IT'S that time when the veg grower is reflecting on the summer's harvest and deciding what they'll grow again next year and what will be given the elbow.
The cheeky 34-year-old was given the elbow last night after singing I Feel Good by James Brown and Timewarp from the Rocky Horror Show.
They even went on to reach the final, only for the backwash of sentimentality to finally run out as they were given the elbow by Bolton's Nat Lofthouse.
I was one of those who signed a petition to save the Queen Alexandra Stakes from being given the elbow but I must admit if the race is as boring looking as this year's renewal is then I will have to change tack and vote for it to be scrapped.
Mr Dyke's reference to foul language spewed out by so-called cooks on television is also totally not acceptable; they too should be given the elbow.
E, because he's been given the elbow and meritus because he bloody well deserves it.
were given the elbow because the Reggae Boyz failed to show.
STAND-UP comic Roy Walker showed he can still bring the house down - despite being given the elbow from TV gameshow Catch-phrase.
Despite having only just met him at a dinner party, when Nina (Jennifer Aniston) learns George (Paul Rudd) has been given the elbow by his boyfriend, she invites him to move in and share her apartment.
Every week one of the unfortunate men is given the elbow for not being good enough to survive.
It is called Whoopsy Daisy Angel and although I haven't seen it yet, I think it's safe to say there is no Mary, no Joseph, and the donkey has been given the elbow too.
They get their balance by using their elbows on you and if you try to beat them, you don't know whether or when to jump" Chelsea's French defender Marcel Desailly is fed up with being given the elbow