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Synonyms for giveaway

Synonyms for giveaway

a gift of public land or resources for the private gain of a limited group

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an unintentional disclosure

a television or radio program in which contestants compete for awards

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Readers, if you're interested in entering our giveaways but have limited access to email, feel free to send in your written letter submissions with your contact information to:
com)-- Helen Horton, of the UK, has won the 2nd June Bethune Giveaway from goodreads.
Ryanair, Europe's No 1 airline, today (2 Nov) announced that due to overwhelming demand, it will extend its winter seat sale giveaway by 24 hours, allowing customers to book seats for just Au9.
ARNOLD Clark is now running its 5 Day Giveaway event, which lasts until Monday, at every Arnold Clark branch across the UK.
A CHARITY is planning a big bike giveaway in the run-up to the Tour de t Yorkshire.
Here's a rundown of the Galaxy S4 giveaways that are currently taking place.
Following Facebook's rules for giveaways is also important, Nielson says.
Barona Resort and Casino, a US-based company operating a hotel and casino in San Diego, has announced weekly giveaways for April 2012.
David Coulson, Executive Director of Knowsley's Neighbourhood Services said: "Building on the success of previous giveaways, we are taking this opportunity to give something back to residents for their efforts in separating their garden waste for composting.
WE have a double bill of scary horror DVDs to giveaway this week so be careful when you enter
On the trade show floor, dimensional giveaways may be more effective as a premium for which visitors trade marketing information, rather than randomly dispensing them.
Parks on Monday kicked off the annual Happy Holiday Campaign, a series of community events and gift giveaways for local children and seniors.
Also, each of the 977 guest rooms features soap and lotion dispensers instead of the usual miniature giveaways, saving some two million containers a year from the trash heap.
Participating businesses can sponsor daily online giveaways of their products and services in selected, or all 50, U.
WITH 145 branches taking part, more than 15,000 new and used vehicles available and an unbelievable pounds 1m-worth of giveaways on offer, this is no ordinary weekend, this is the first ever Arnold Clark Big Giveaway Weekend and its happening at a branch near you from Friday, June 10, to Sunday, June 12, where 15,000 cars will come with two years' FREE servicing worth up to pounds 399.