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give expression or utterance to

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But the city's walls are not the place to give vent to their desperation and unrequited love.
Your correspondent is well known for his antipathy of wind turbines and never misses an opportunity to give vent to his views.
While there are many positives to such a cultural advance, there are also negatives - not least the ability of obnoxious individuals to give vent to their horrible views.
Scribbling wall in bid to beat vandals A "SCRIBBLING wall" on which vandals could give vent to bottled-up feelings may be provided in Ebbw Vale.
I have more respect and admiration for such as the Salvation Army who have been out night after night trying to bring some comfort and support to the homeless than all the fireside critics who set themselves up as intellectually superior in order give vent to their bitter and twisted logic.
MALKY MACKAY is happy for the Cardiff fans to give vent to their feelings when the Bluebirds face Southampton today.
Ahmadinejad to give vent to his anti-Israeli sentiments.
They give vent to the widespread perception that India's parliamentary democracy hasn't succeeded in representing the true interests of the people.
Popular fury over the film has led to riots and violence in many places as people sought to give vent to their fury, combined with their frustrations with US policies.
The citizens demanded immediate repair of tube well and restoration of water supply otherwise they will go on roads to give vent to their sentiments.
London, Sept 30 (ANI): Michael Jackson's sister La Toya took to her Twitter page to give vent to her emotions while appearing in the Los Angeles Superior Court to hear the Dr Conrad Murray Manslaughter trial.
Summary: MORADABAD(Cihan) -Artists, students and local residents in Moradabad came together on Thursday (June 30) to give vent to their angst against corruption through colours.
Impact general secretary Peter McLoone said: "The people that we represent now want to give vent to their anger and their frustration and that's why they are taking to the streets.
There are many cricket pundits who give vent to their own inadequacies by going after the man in charge in their columns.
Similarly, it ill behoves our PM, or any members of his government, to give vent to similar condemnatory language when referring to how other countries cope with freak weather conditions, or run their countries either.