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express gratitude or show appreciation to

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They aim to help people understand how the course of the war changed in 1918, to give thanks for peace and to remember the sacrifice of 800,000 soldiers who went to war and did not come home, the Government said.
1 Chronicles 16:34: "O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good; for his mercy endureth forever.
The Liberian leader has called on compatriots, foreign residents, priests, imams, bishops, pastors, clergies, and all religious organizations to gather together in their various places of worship to give thanks and praises to the Almighty God that His blessings and mercies may continuously protect Liberians as a people and as a nation.
Does it feel better to give thanks or to receive them?
p=2832) Catholic prayer : "Today we give thanks for our many blessings as we pray for those in need.
It is a chance to praise and give thanks for all the work that was put into creating the new Alder Hey Children's Hospital.
Giving Thanks" teaches toddlers that it is right, natural, and healthy to show gratitude for all good things, and to give thanks.
An old allegory asserts: 'When Adam saw the majesty of the Sabbath, its greatness and glory, and the joy it conferred upon all beings, he intoned a song of praise for the Sabbath day as if to give thanks to the Sabbath day.
At this point one might ask: It is quite expected for one to give thanks when something good happens but why should he give thanks when things go awry and how he should do it?
This is a quintessentially american holiday, and during this time we give thanks to our friends, our family, for citizens who show compassion to those in need, and for neighbours who help strangers they've never met.
The Curragh trainer is looking at races such as the Irish Stallion Farms EBF Give Thanks Stakes at Cork on August 6 or the Irish St Leger Trial Stakes at his local track on August 24 for the six-year-old, as long as conditions are favourable.
We also give thanks to the staff doctors and support teams of all the injured soldiers being treated in the magnificent modern Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
We came to give thanks for these last 20 years and for all the people that support and follow us.
However, even as the American civic religion shows its cracks and more preachers rightly seek to avoid platitudes that give simple lip service to the state, there remains reason to give thanks.
Let us give thanks for living in a country founded on the principles of freedom of religion, tolerance, and mutual respect.