give full measure

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perform a task as well as possible

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The apparent irrelevance of this statement made me weep still louder, the bitter tears of insulted sorrow; but he stuck to his point, and harangued me from the path, explaining the connection between north walls and tulips and blood and stones till my tears all dried up again and I listened attentively, for the conclusion to be drawn from his remarks was plainly that I had been shamefully taken in by the head gardener, who was an unprincipled person thenceforward to be for ever mistrusted and shunned.
And so Tarzan harangued the moon, and when Goro did not reply, Tarzan of the Apes waxed wroth.
He harangued the two women ex traordinarily, with much of his shirt hanging out of his waistbelt, stamping his foot, turning from one to the other, sometimes throwing both his arms to gether, straight up above his rumpled hair, and keeping them in that position while he uttered a passage of loud denunciation; at others folding them tight across his breast--and then he hissed with indignation, elevating his shoulders and pro truding his head.
While he was doing this, another man with an equally tender conscience (they had both been foremost in throwing down the canary birds for roasting alive), took his seat on the parapet of the house, and harangued the crowd from a pamphlet circulated by the Association, relative to the true principles of Christianity
Still, with an unshaken confidence that the English tongue was somehow the mother tongue of the whole world, only the people were too stupid to know it, Mr Meagles harangued innkeepers in the most voluble manner, entered into loud explanations of the most complicated sort, and utterly renounced replies in the native language of the respondents, on the ground that they were 'all bosh.
Paley was known first and foremost for her inimitable stories--her The Collected Stories was a finalist for both the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award and won the PEN/Malamud Award--and the 15 stories included in A Grace Paley Reader give full measure of her singular talents as a storyteller.
As per Islamic teachings, deceiving customers and harming their interest by tempered/defective weights and measures is strictly prohibited, rather Islam warns the faithful to give full measure and weight to escape punishment of Allah Almighty.
And in all your dealings give full measure and weight, with equity.
Lancashire lass Mel went on to give full measure on BIG BREAKFAST before pulling Lock Stock telly star Dan Caltagirone.