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A spokeswoman for Asda said: "We'd kindly ask Mr Campbell to leave Gismo the snake at home in future - after all, we're a supermarket, not a safari.
The system operates by sending a unique GiSMo code to the mobile phone of people purchasing at the dressmart.
Gismo the cat turned into a flying feline when she leapt 100ft out of a seventh-floor window.
Dana Murray, 26, ditched the traditional bridal car and rode her horse Gismo to the church before tying the knot with Ross Prentice, 27.
Millicom International Cellular SA (Nasdaq: MICC), the global telecommunications investor, today announced the secure and easy payment alternative for internet purchases using mobile phones, provided by GiSMo, a 100% owned subsidiary, are to be offered through the Swedish dressmart.
First deliveries of GISMO and Outrider are scheduled for March 1997.