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Synonyms for girth

Synonyms for girth

the distance around a person's body

stable gear consisting of a band around a horse's belly that holds the saddle in place

tie a cinch around


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STICK ON: Sheepskin sidepiece BAND AID: Gerry Supple secures the brushing boots to protect Consigliere's tendons READY TO GO: The fitted saddle, numbercloth and breast girth PEDICURE: Consigliere has oil brushed on to his hoofs EYE EYE: The visor and sheepskin noseband REIN-ING SUPREME: David Pipe, the master of Pond House, gets close up and personal with various bridles in the tack room THE FULL MONTY: Consigliere fully kitted out and (inset) in action
Girth, weight, body tone and cardiovascular markers were used to assess the efficacy of this new exercise and diet combined program.
While the jockeys are out riding in the race, we are hanging up their colours for the next race and getting the girths and pads ready to change.
Because of better growing conditions its 36-foot girth is not an indicator of comparable longevity.
Gao and Yao subsequently calculated that both the superiority of the optimal shape and its vulnerability to damage don't hold for the thinnest of hairs, such as the gecko's setules which have girths about a thousandth of those of human hairs.
Anthropometric measurements involve assessment of height, weight, and selected body girths.
program is a privately funded, community-based approach to help stem the trend of burgeoning BMIs (Body Mass Index) and growing girths in children.
2 Deviation Table 5--Initial girths for the 3 areas measured Average umbilicus hips thigh mean 98.
At the same time, the complexes fatten to more than twice their original girths.
The horse fell out of the stalls, having already struck at one handler, and it was clear his saddle and girths had been pushed right back.
Just when they are reaching kingsized girths, they start losing their royal height.
As breast girths and breast plates no longer constitute part of a jockey's equipment at scale, the Jockeys' Association should surely welcome any innovation calculated to give their members added protection in what is still a hazardous profession.
Before the eastern forests were leveled, 500-year-old sycamores with girths of over 40 feet were not uncommon.