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Synonyms for girth

Synonyms for girth

the distance around a person's body

stable gear consisting of a band around a horse's belly that holds the saddle in place

tie a cinch around


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Take the two measurements and multiply the heart girth (in inches) times itself.
This is Wales' largest sessile oak, with a girth of 42 foot 5in (12.
Covalence Corrosion Protection Group Covalence Adhesives Corrosion Protection Group has announced Powercrete F-1, described as a new, rapid-cure, 100% solids (no VOCs), liquid epoxy developed for girth welds and new and rehabilitation applications for the corrosion protection of buried pipelines.
If two of the three galaxies ultimately merged, that interaction would funnel gas to the central black holes, increasing their girth, says Rasio.
The European Union is seeking to reverse Europe's widening girth and promote physical fitness at a time when the number of overweight children in the EU is rising by 400,000 a year.
As far as the lower body is concerned, strength training in women typically results in significant increases in strength, and no change, or a decrease, in limb girths, while for the upper body a very small increase in extremity girth (such as the upper arm) often results.
Males and females had no significant bilateral differences in girth measurements though male artists had significantly smaller thighs and calves than the other seniority levels (p < 0.
King of Queens" star Kevin James needed notes for his stand-up routine - and a roomy sweat suit to manage his ever-widening girth.
This tree, which because it is within 5 points of the Cat Island tree becomes the species co-champ, has an amazing girth of 55 feet
Studies showed that a product with 4% Iso-SlimComplex reduced thigh girth (3.
After our usual outreach to trim dietitians and health-conscious natural foods workers, we were also surprised by the ample girth of many attendees.
Strengths: Legend status, incredible girth and pain threshold, lip trickery
For women, greater girth is arguably more satisfying than longer length because of the potential for more feeling.
I have read there are pills you can get to give girth to a penis but don't know where to get them.
to drag his crapulous girth onto the Senate floor for an unsuccessful filibuster.