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a check given by the British government to someone who is unemployed

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Recorder Justin Wigoder, sitting at Birmingham Crown Court, said the theft of more than 800 giro cheques from the mail system had left hundreds of needy people without funds.
Mathew James Green, aged 29, of Sandythorpe, Willenhall, was also charged with stealing a passport and giro cheque valued at pounds 170, cash valued at pounds 5, two counts of failing to surrender to custody, one count of assaulting a female by beating her and one count of destroying property to the value of pounds 80.
Lee Dean told magistrates at a weekend court in Llandudno he stole because his giro cheque had gone missing.
The Giro cheque has been replaced by BACS transfer to one's bank account.
SIR - I would like to draw attention to pensioners who receive their old age pension by giro cheque.
If we got a Giro cheque it was split four ways, that's how it always was.
I chose Giro cheque because I did not want to give out any personal information.
The next time I got in touch they said I could wait up to three months before the Giro cheque was located.
Yet, just like his owner's giro cheque, he always bounces back.
The jobless defendant had left the house to cash his giro cheque and intended to get a train to London.
Cardiff Crown Court heard the woman has been charged three times this year for shoplifting and dishonestly trying to cash a neighbour's giro cheque.
To appeal to the modern Scot, I'd need to come up with stuff like, O My Luve is Like a Giro Cheque.
A PENSIONER has accused a government department of a "disgraceful failure" after his Giro cheque was sent to a post office without his knowledge.
Prosecutor David Aubrey, QC, said, 'In May last year Mr Oates received a Giro cheque for pounds 500.
They scream their hatred in our faces and our response is to send them a Giro cheque.