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Synonyms for girlish


Synonyms for girlish

befitting or characteristic of a young girl

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While the Gulf of Aden is nowadays being patrolled by foreign navies, including Chinese and Indian ones, the leaders of GCC are busy enjoying their tasteless hobbies of betting on kiddies camel riders or hawk hunting if they are not girlishly whining over the growing power and influence of Iran, their other favorite pastime
and pushed the camera away from his face, the 20-something staffer squealed so girlishly that his boss's handlers actually shipped him to Florida to hide for the remainder of the campaign.
Mary taped scraps of healing scripture to his bathroom mirror, beseeched God to forgive Bobby for standing with one hand perched girlishly on his hip, and piously shred his self-esteem until he was writing in his diary, "I want to take a fuckin' ice pick to my face and stab it 'til there's nothing left.
One minute she's contemplative and wise beyond her 24 years, the next she's girlishly excited and letting the swear words fly.
Meyers captures preteen Kirsten's girlishly dramatic voice and giggle, which belie the shrewd scrutiny and compassion with which she views her world.
Idly and girlishly she swings her foot, the big toe raised, on a low-lying branch.
David fetishises Melanie's body to a very notable degree, dwelling upon her girlishly slim hips, her perky breasts; one may say that he evidently likes her, or at least some parts of her.
This segment begins with a gender reversal that self-consciously inverts the thousands of female shower scenes that pervade the film's sexploitation precursors: April finds Perry in her shower, where he muses girlishly about the impact of her shampoos and conditioners on his hair.
Each of the primary characters in ``Sideways'' is full-blooded and recognizable - the boyishly irresponsible guy coasting on his semi-celebrated past (Thomas Haden Church), the wiser-but-sadder divorcee (Virginia Madsen), and the woman played by the director's wife, Sandra Oh, an amalgam of the other two (sadder but girlishly irresponsible).
featured here conveys her signature coy charm and girlishly seductive
And no matter how much Touche Eclat and Top Shop I wear, or how girlishly I giggle, people in shops have started calling me madam.
At age seventy she writes girlishly of her first publication forty years earlier, 'It really was a success'.
While she is cold and uncaring about one former lover, she becomes girlishly excited about a visit from another man (played by Uehara, in yet another role as a delinquent salary-man).
Ageing but still distinguished male newsreader adopts a tone of pained resignation and his glamour-puss sidekick giggles girlishly as they swivel to the big screen to greet their man on the boundary ropes.