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the childhood of a girl

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In her girlhood and before her marriage with Tom Willard, Elizabeth had borne a somewhat shaky rep- utation in Winesburg.
the lady had been her friend from her girlhood, was as familiar with her as if they had been sisters--knew her positively to be as good, as innocent, as incapable of hating anybody, as the greatest saint that ever lived.
Her mold was the prejudices and notions of her girlhood and the house she lived in.
In their excellent introduction to this excellent collection, editors Clare Bradford and Mavis Reimer explain the aim of the 2010 University of Winnipeg symposium that was the origin of this book--a desire to "generate and sustain dialogue between two groups of scholars: those focusing on texts for and about girls [children's literature scholars] and those who investigate contemporary girlhoods [scholars from the field of girls' studies]" (1).
Work is gathered in sections on identities and girlhoods, global youth, digital natives, and representing youthAEs gender, race, and ethnicity.
What are the girlhoods in contemporary US media culture that do not oscillate between can-do and at-risk, between cultural adoration and disdain?
Girlhood Studies emphasizes not one universal notion of girlhood, but instead a wide range of contexts and experiences that produce contemporary as well as historical girls and girlhoods.
Yet, as shall be demonstrated in this paper, erasure of girlhoods operating at different levels undermines what feminist scholars are suggesting.
Jacobs and Menchu narrate their girlhoods in order to stage the dissonant knowledge that ideology naturalizes state violence.
By placing the two fictional characters in the shared ideological space of Southern girlhood, Cahn guides readers to understand racialized girlhoods in the South and the disconnection between image and reality in the struggles of both groups of girls.
While the shifting social, cultural, and historical contexts of the "child" presented me with difficulties in coming up with a disciplinary definition, the "child"--as a category--did not totally jibe with my own research, which focuses on social and cultural constructions of girls and girlhoods (see Currie, Kelly, and Pomerantz; Pomerantz).
Yet as Victoria aged, accounts of the two queens' girlhoods proliferated in painting and prose during the rise of children's literature, as Victorians attempted to realign the private feelings of these two women with their public status and responsibilities as queens.
Dress Codes: Of Three Girlhoods - My Mother's, My Father's and Mine' is a memoir about the problems that this decision caused within her family and how each member of the family came to find their true selves.
Part one, Contemporary Girlhoods and Subjectivities, contains, among other things, analyses of novels old and new, short stories, advertising, ballet, and girls' video projects in Ethiopia and South Africa.
This comprehensive book emphasizes the interrelation of the public and private and the experiences of cross-cultural girlhoods.