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the childhood of a girl

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In her girlhood and before her marriage with Tom Willard, Elizabeth had borne a somewhat shaky rep- utation in Winesburg.
the lady had been her friend from her girlhood, was as familiar with her as if they had been sisters--knew her positively to be as good, as innocent, as incapable of hating anybody, as the greatest saint that ever lived.
Her mold was the prejudices and notions of her girlhood and the house she lived in.
Guiding Modern Girls: Girlhood, Empire, and Internationalism in the 1920s and 1930s
Besides, she says, pink "is such a tiny slice of the rainbow, and, though it may celebrate girlhood in one way, it also repeatedly and firmly fuses girls' identity to appearance.
Girlhood is the boarding school novel for the twenty first century.
Synopsis: Girlhood in America is a fun and fascinating look at the life and times before age 13 in every decade across a century, in the words of 56 women and girls.
Shakespeare and the Performance of Girlhood, by Deanne Williams.
The chapters are informed not only by recognition of the significance of place in understanding representations of girlhood but also of time.
Focusing on place across health, literary and historical studies, art history, communications, media studies, sociology, and education allows for investigations of how girlhood is positioned in relation to interdisciplinary and transnational research methodologies, media environments, geographic locations, historical and social spaces.
In "Canicula: Snapshots of a Girlhood en la Frontera" by Norma Cantu (Professor of Latina/Latino Studies and English, University of Missouri, Kansas City) is a fictionalized memoir of Laredo in the 1940s, 1950s, and early 1960s, it also represents a time between childhood and an as yet unknown adulthood.
Shakespeare and the Performance of Girlhood is a strikingly rich addition to the growing body of scholarship on Shakespeare and early modern childhood.
Making Modern Girls: A History of Girlhood, Labor, and Social Development in Colonial Lagos, by Abosede A.
GEORGE, Making Modern Girls: a history of girlhood, labor, and social development in colonial Lagos.
Crescent City Girls and South Side Girls are impressive historical examinations of black girlhood during the early twentieth-century period of de jure and de facto racial segregation in the United States.