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Synonyms for girlfriend

Synonyms for girlfriend

any female friend

a girl or young woman with whom a man is romantically involved

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She has now arranged for my girlfriend, daughter and I to visit them up North in October.
Joseph Andrew Dekenipp was to be spend over about three hours before he was apprehended, but unfortunately he could spend only a few minutes with his girlfriend, as by the time she arrived, the police were also already on their way.
According to the Daily Mail, it then promises the budding online Romeos they will be able to 'connect and interact' with their new girlfriend 'publicly on your favourite social network'.
The Good Girlfriend Guide, published through Barnes & Noble's self-publishing platform, Publt, is available in digital format and is exclusively at Barnes & Noble's Nook Store.
She then allegedly attempted to attack the ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend with the knife.
The girlfriend ended the relationship in early October 2005, angering Smith, who threatened her, the ruling said.
A few weeks ago, she came round when my girlfriend wasn't home.
Joanne had her first girlfriend at age 13 and before marrying had dated women almost exclusively.
The story goes on to tell us: his girlfriend becomes pregnant, his brother is killed when hit by a bus, he marries his girlfriend, she has the baby, he doesn't know whether he's a father or an uncle, the baby dies, and they annul the marriage.
A man was charged with assault after punching someone he thought was groping his girlfriend on New Year's Eve.
Major distraction: Work, girlfriend, trying to get a girlfriend
Jess doesn't know if Sari loves David or if she just yearns to be popular and successful as David and his girlfriend are.
Suomi's front-yard call had been placed to his girlfriend.
A man helped to hide the body of a woman in a skip after she had been killed by his former girlfriend, Birmingham Crown Court was told.
I'M a 29-year-old man, my girlfriend is 32 and I'm in love with her younger sister.