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Synonyms for gird

Synonyms for gird

to encircle with or as if with a band

to present with a quality, trait, or power

to prepare (oneself) for action

Synonyms for gird

prepare oneself for a military confrontation

put a girdle on or around

bind with something round or circular


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Surely, it enhances our understanding of the period to recognize that even as the Yippies were trying to stop the Vietnam War by levitating the Pentagon, right-wing suburbanites in Orange County were girding themselves to fight the centuries-old Illuminati conspiracy.
Fueled by Mel Gibson's blockbuster film on the final 12 hours of Christ's life, churches across Los Angeles are girding for a throng of Easter seekers.
Girding to battle those who hate "American ideals of freedom and equality' William Bennett unveiled his new organization, "Americans for Victory Over Terrorism" (AVOT) at a March 12th Washington press conference.
Space shuttle Columbia's destruction shocked Americans girding for possible war in Iraq and still reeling from terrorist attacks on New York and Washington less than 18 months earlier.
I will believe that this girding for war with Iraq is not about oil the day that the Bush twins give up their (now legal) beer steins, their legacy (affirmative action) positions at Yale and the University of Texas, Austin, enlist in the military, and head for the front, and we see a true accounting of the so-called ``energy task force's'' meetings from the vice president.
The second space shuttle lost in 17 years, the Columbia disaster numbed a nation girding for possible war in Iraq and still reeling from terrorist attacks on New York and Washington nearly 18 months ago.
Detectives, already faced with heavy caseloads, are girding for a bloody summer ahead.
They're building, all of them, girding for possible June showdowns, confident that when the time comes, the Lakers will be standing in front of the Larry O'Brien trophy, waiting for a challenger.
Ah, but unity might meet its match in the owners and the players, who are girding for battle over the division of economic spoils and never have been able to fight clean.
BURBANK - A bill pending before the House Transportation Committee would override state laws requiring local approval of airport development, and Burbank officials are girding for battle if the measure progresses.
City staffers are girding for weeks of long, contentious meetings.
Now, on the eve of this highly personal but potential-laden labor of love's commercial release, its principle girls are girding for the fight of their lives.
Santa Barbara County sheriff's detectives said they are girding for a crush of calls and tips after the show airs.