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a beam made usually of steel

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The court heard there was no witness to Mr Walker's death on June 24, 2012, and he was alone when he attempted to split two steel girders for cutting to size for a customer.
Wheelchair user Joshua Davies, 19, who was 18 at the time of the fall last August, accepted he'd no reason to go onto the girders underneath the bridge which crosses the River Taff at the entrance to Pontypridd but said three boys were following him out of Ynysangharad Park at the time.
girder in a staging zone occupying eastbound lanes and shoulder, traffic from which was shifted north--affording three lanes of capacity in each direction through the early eastbound structure widening.
Crews, which started the girder work Monday night, will remove the iron supports one at a time, Harwood said.
Instead, it found that "the probable cause of the May 15, 2004, girder collapse .
The genuine appeal of these Girder and Panel building sets lie in their realistic components that let kids replicate the building process and explore structural principles.
If we use a capital letter to represent any letter, and a lower case letter to represent any letter that is not equal to the letter represented by the corresponding capital letter, then we can write down a pattern for each of the words in a word girder formed with 5-letter words:
The trolley carrying the eight workers was traveling along a bridge girder 60 meters above the ground when one of four cables supporting a 47-ton temporary girder below the trolley snapped, sending the girder, the trolley and its occupants plunging to the ground.
Construction of the bridge was suspended after a trolley holding eight workers fell from a bridge girder, killing seven and injuring the eighth.
long Main Span is the Longest Box Girder Span in the United States
The civil engineering team deployed a floor-anchored testing frame--incorporating recycled bridge girder components--designed to measure specimens' resistance to loads.
Steel-concrete composite plate girders display greater strength and stiffness compared to the corresponding bare steel plate girder acting alone.
Kenneth Joyce was working on a roof at the Wallsend site when a 14-tonne girder became unstable and knocked over the cherry picker he was in.
Since pre-stressed concrete beam has been applied in various civil infrastructures starting from 1960s, many sorts of pre-stressed concrete (PSC) girder have been developed and applied as a main flexural member for highway/railroad bridges around the world.
A HUGE steel girder wrecked Anton Burrows' life - at just 24.