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an opal with flaming orange and yellow and red colors


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John Andriolo of MAG Constructions is the brain behind creating the house, called Girasole, on Indi Close.
He also spoke of paying another 200,000 Euros to another person Girasole, who was with Finmeccanica's operation in India but was not connected with the VVIP helicopter deal.
Our base for the following 10 days was Norcenni Girasole, a pristine parc set amid the hills about 45 minutes from Florence.
We were staying with Vacansoleil in the Norcenni Girasole Camping Village, around 30 miles South of Florence.
Thus Casa Il Girasole, an apartment block in Rome, reprises a baroque sequence from urban to natural, from a delicate facade that is both theatrical and abstract to a more cave-like entrance and stair.
Both were culinary masterpieces as were the main courses of pan fried wild turbot, with a scallop girasole, Koffman cabbage and a thyme jus and the roasted monkfish, ratte potato and Cornish crab with a courgette puree and basil and olive jus.
com; or Roberta Girasole of Hughes Europe, +39-06-844-06138, r.
The three of us had come on a week's break during the May school holiday staying at the Vacansoleil Norcenni Girasole Club camp site near the town of Figline Valdarno.
It's worth going out of your way to find Buitoni Garden Vegetable Ravioli; Rising Moon Basil, Asiago & Pinenut Pesto Ravioli; or Nuovo Roasted Pepper & Mozzarella Girasole.
Tropez, Deux Cheminees, Devon Seafood Grill, Friday Saturday Sunday, Girasole Ristorante, Le Castagne, and scores of others.
In esse, Talbot esamina il significato di elementi fondamentali come il girasole, la maglia rotta nella rete e l'anguilla; oppure quello di concetti portanti come quello della contingenza, della salvezza e del male di vivere.
Lin SC, Yamate T, Taguchi Y, Borba VZ, Girasole G, O'Brien CA, et al.
The "Jerusalem" is a corruption of the Italian word girasole, meaning "turning to the sun.
Sul masso sacro poi sorse Ia chiesa / Ma restano i bordi del canale del sacrificio, / E una rupe vicina / Mostra un intrico di segni, / Un sole coi raggi / O un girasole profondo / Dal cuore rivolto la sera / Alle coppelle in pendenza / Riempite di cera.