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Really he was a bad one, but whenever he missed we overlooked it for the sake of that giraffe.
By the time the "scherm" was finished the moon peeped up, and our dinners of giraffe steaks and roasted marrow-bones were ready.
Up jumped Good, burning for slaughter, and thinking, perhaps, that it was as easy to kill elephant as he had found it to shoot giraffe, but I caught him by the arm and pulled him down.
Smith, two others, the hippopotamus, the giraffe, the bos caffer -- as large as a full-grown bull, and the elan -- but little less, two zebras, and the quaccha, two gnus, and several antelopes even larger than these latter animals.
If we take on the one side, the elephant, [7] hippopotamus, giraffe, bos caffer, elan, certainly three, and probably five species of rhinoceros; and on the American side, two tapirs, the guanaco, three deer, the vicuna, peccari, capybara (after which we must choose from the monkeys to complete the number), and then place these two groups alongside each other, it is not easy to conceive ranks more disproportionate in size.
At night I dream of all the animals, one by one--the giraffe, the two dromedaries, the young lion, the alligator, and Alexander.
Like the others, it was high enough for a family of giraffes to live in, and was very handsome and clean and bright-colored within.
The air was dark with Davises, and many Jones gamboled like a flock of young giraffes.
He saw her against a background of pale grottos and sleek hides; camels slanted their heavy-ridded eyes at her, giraffes fastidiously observed her from their melancholy eminence, and the pink-lined trunks of elephants cautiously abstracted buns from her outstretched hands.
FRIENDS OUR AT DUDLEY CREATURE And each giraffe has a different coloured target stick, which they all recognise as their own.
com)-- New apparel brand Giraffe Choke, subsidiary of Marelle 1 LLC, has created a dynamic "Technique Gear" label that appeals not only to the top mixed martial arts (MMA) professionals around the world, but also to those who enjoy various sports activities.
CHESTER Zoo is advertising an "amazing vacancy" for a lead giraffe keeper.
Looking down from the wall of the Hyena dam, I watched as some giraffe lined up to drink out of a tiny pool of water below the dam, seeming to prefer water that has been filtered to some extent, cleaner than the dam water contaminated by human settlements upstream.
Defence and security company Saab has signed a contract for delivery of the Giraffe 1X surface radar system.
Designing and building a giraffe enrichment device could be a tall order for some, but not for Randolph Community College's welding technology students.