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European moth introduced into North America

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Witnesses saw the Gipsy Moth performing stunts before the crash.
A focus on aesthetic and cultural concerns shows that the book in question here, Johnny and the Gipsy Moth written by Deannie Sullivan-Fraser and illustrated by Hilda Rose, is a pleasant book in which the verbal text (words) and visual text (pictures) are both well executed and have interesting tensions within themselves and with each other.
Sullivan-Fraser's vivid account of Johnny's first flight experience helps readers to see, hear, smell and feel what it was like to be in the air in the Gipsy Moth.
Chichester's later Gipsy Moths were sailboats, and in 1966-67, he sailed the 53-foot Gipsy Moth /V solo for 28,500 nautical miles around the world in 274 days.
A flotilla of small boats took to the water yesterday to welcome the Gipsy Moth IV into Plymouth which this time had a crew of three young people on board.
There were no proper drawings for the first Tiger Moth: it just evolved when the RAF requested alterations to an existing Gipsy Moth.
Gipsy Moth IV was stuck on a South Pacific reef with an eight-inch hole in her starboard side.
AN attempt to rescue Francis Chichester's Gipsy Moth IV from the South Pacific reef where she has been stranded since last weekend got under way yesterday.
Communications solutions provider BT has revealed that it is the sole sponsor of the transatlantic part of the Gipsy Moth IV's round-the-world journey.
BRIAN MEEHAN sends Gipsy Moth in search of a second successive German Listed win in the Dortmunder Fligerpreis over five furlongs at Dortmund today, writes David Conolly-Smith.
1967: Francis Chichester arrived back at Plymouth after sailing round the world single-handed in Gipsy Moth IV.
Who won the first solo transatlantic yacht race with his boat Gipsy Moth III in 1960?
As Offshore Yachting went to press, the historic yacht gipsy Moth IV (see feature this issue) was in Auckland where she was being repaired,
This was a rejuvenated Gipsy Moth IV yesterday ( setting out set out to recreate a 40-year-old global circumnavigation with three young novice sailors helping crew the legendary vessel.
UK telecomms company BT has announced a new sponsorship deal with the global sailing project, Gipsy Moth IV, in which the boat is to circumnavigate the globe again on the 40th anniversary of its voyage.