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the tissue (covered by mucous membrane) of the jaws that surrounds the bases of the teeth

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44) This altered gingival tissue response to plaque is due to depression of the maternal T-lymphocyte (47) These inflammatory changes may lead to gingiva that appears oedematous, hyperplastic & erythematous.
While data regarding dental and periodontal conditions is SCD patients are limited, there are no data regarding NO levels and the presence/expression of iNOS in the gingival tissues and GCF of SCD patients.
Once a clinical evaluation determines that revision of the lingual fraenum attachment and the upper lip attachment to the maxillary gingival tissue will benefit the newborn infant [Marmet et al.
17) Ibuprofen is rapidly absorbed when taken orally and is readily absorbed through gingival tissues.
The bleaching trays must not touch the gingival tissues.
The gingival tissues along the buccal aspect of teeth #2 and #3 appear to have severe inflammation and bleed easily; pus can be expressed with compression.
35) Dental hygiene appointments should be scheduled as early during the pregnancy as possible to assess the gingival tissues, and to treat any existing periodontal conditions.
Another topical application product includes a gel that can be purchased or extracted directly from a Coenzyme Q10 capsule and directly placed on the gingival tissues.
The condition of the gingival tissues showed me that she received fair to good oral hygiene (e.
Buccal gingival and palatal gingival tissues adjacent to the anesthetized teeth are also anesthetized (Figures 1 and 2).
It has a unique design that makes it extremely gentle on gingival tissues.