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Synonyms for retraction

a formal statement of disavowal

Synonyms for retraction

a disavowal or taking back of a previous assertion

the act of pulling or holding or drawing a part back

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The negative experiences felt by the house surgeons during the transition period were clinical variations in tooth position, fluid control, gingival retraction, and shade selection.
Conventional gingival retraction cord techniques are often used for the cement-retained implant restoration, (1) even though there is little research available on the use of retraction techniques around implants.
Since the architecture of the gingival crevice surrounding implants is more fragile than the structure around natural teeth, using a cordless retraction paste for gingival retraction in implant dentistry appears to have considerable potential to afford a less traumatic procedure, compared to the other available techniques.
A gingival retraction paste, Expasyl[R] (Acteon, Bordeaux, France), was applied (0.
3-What do you prac-###Plain gingival retraction cord###0.
tice routinely for gin Gingival retraction cord with chemical###16 (17)###91 (21)
To expose the finish line 91% of the specialists used gingival retraction cord with chemical and 84% of the general dental practitioners were not using gingival cord.
Today, many clinicians employ the individual shell technique with mechanical gingival retraction that was initially described by Cannistraci.
With regard to gingival retraction, Dimashkich and Morgano2 reported that the use of the retractor wire was the most popular treatment in comparison to a shell.
Clinical evaluation of different gingival retraction cords.
The tooth surface was cleaned using slurry of pumice and gingival retraction was done to control the gingival crevicular fluid.
Results of this survey highlight the need to improve the practice of local dental practitioners regarding the employment of gingival retraction methods.
Key Words: Gingival retraction, gingival displacement, retraction cord, tissue retraction materials.
The selection of method and gingival retraction cords frequently depends on the clinical situation.
Key words: Gingival retraction, tissue displacement, gingival hemostasis, retraction cords, retrac-tion pastes, retraction gels