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Synonyms for margin

Synonyms for margin

a fairly narrow line or space forming a boundary

suitable opportunity to accept or allow something

to put or form a border on

Synonyms for margin

the boundary line or the area immediately inside the boundary

the amount of collateral a customer deposits with a broker when borrowing from the broker to buy securities

(finance) the net sales minus the cost of goods and services sold

the blank space that surrounds the text on a page

a permissible difference

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Initial/white spot lesions were defined as opacities of white, or brownish colour with oval or round shape following the gingival margin with decreased enamel translucency and clearly defined from the adjacent enamel.
Microcolonies exist on oral mucosa, the tongue, biomaterials used for restorations and dental appliances, and tooth surfaces above and below the gingival margin (Figure 3).
Gentle pulsing action disrupts plaque, while stimulating the gingival margin
Now we know that there are specific pathogenic bacteria forming a biofilm at or above the gingival margin.
He further said that that plaque is a complex biofilm containing various microorganisms form mainly on teeth and particularly between them, along the gingival margin, and in fissures and pits, adhering by a variety of mechanisms.