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The types of hemorrhagic events were mostly epistaxis, vaginal bleeding and gastrointestinal bleeding, gingival bleeding, petechiae, and hematomas in different parts of the body.
Gingival bleeding was highly prevalent indicating the need for oral hygiene instructions (74.
Gingival bleeding was assessed on the sites at which probing depth was measured.
Ten patients (16%) who presented with menorrhagia also had one or more symptoms of bleeding disorders, including epistaxis in nine patients, easy bruising in five patients, bleeding during surgery and/or dental procedures in four patients, and gingival bleeding in one patient, Dr.
Oral cavity bleeding that requires medical attention, such as gingival bleeding, or bleeding with tooth eruption or bites to lips and tongue.
Bernard-Soulier syndrome (BSS) usually manifests in infancy or childhood with mucocutaneous hemorrhage characteristic of defective platelet function: ecchymoses, epistaxis, and gingival bleeding.
Results suggest that being a caregiver to relatives with dementia, hypercertisolemia (overproduction of cortisol), or stress were associated with elevated plaque levels and increased gingival bleeding in adults aged 50 and older.
receipt of fellatio) because of a series of possible cofactors, such as the presence of oral and/or genital ulcers, gingival bleeding (gingivitis or periodontitis) or the presence of other infections in the oral cavity (p.
Application of this chip in chronic periodontitis as an adjunct to scaling and rootplaning procedures has shown reduction in probing pocket depth, gingival bleeding and clinical attachment level compared to scaling and rootplaning alone.
7) A slowly growing, expansile mass in the maxilla or mandible accompanied by spontaneous gingival bleeding near the affected site are the most common symptoms of arterioveuons malformation.
The 3D Excel power toothbrush is touted as not only "the fastest pulsating power toothbrush available," it is said to Outperform ordinary toothbrushes in the areas of "plaque removal, gingivitis reduction and the reduction of gingival bleeding.
She had a clear oropharynx and no gingival bleeding or petechiae.
Numoisyn Liquid reduces the presence of plaque and gingival bleeding to a greater extent than CMC and can be used in conjunction with chlorhexidine without impairing its antibacterial effects.
Signs and symptoms of aplastic anemia are Pallor, Headache, Palpitations, dyspnea, Fatigue, Foot swelling, gingival bleeding, petechial rashes, Overt and/or recurrent infections and Oropharyngeal ulcerations.
Increased gingival bleeding and gingival exudate, as well as a minor increase in tooth mobility, is associated with the menstrual cycle.