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the tissue (covered by mucous membrane) of the jaws that surrounds the bases of the teeth

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Because of the clinical characteristics of the patients, acute streptococcal infection was suspected, and bacterial specimens were obtained with sterile paper strips (Periopaper, ProFlow, Inc, Amityville, NY, USA) by inserting into the gingival crevice until mild resistance was felt, and left in place for 30 seconds.
Palabras clave: receptores tipo Toll 2; periodontitis cronica; fluido crevicular gingival.
The higher leakage detected in gingival wall compared with occlusal wall can be related to the structure of these two walls (Table 1, 2 & 3).
Gingival hyperplasia (GH) or gingival overgrowth is a well known side effect of cyclosporine, calcium channel blockers such as nifedipine and anticonvulsants (3,4).
Case series of gingival granular cell tumor--a revelation in neonates.
Shapiro et al en 1973 en un estudio doble ciego de casos y control evaluaron el efecto del peroxido de urea 11% en aplicaciones topicas 2 veces/ dia durante seis meses en 80 pacientes, y encontraron que en el grupo test se producia una disminucion significativa en el indice de placa, con tendencia a mejorar el indice gingival y el recuento de calculos.
After three months, researchers noted a significant reduction in gingival inflammation in patients who supplemented with CoQ10 compared to subjects taking the placebo.
While a wide array of various gingival defects may be diagnosed in patients, only those anomalies that also present with associated symptoms, esthetic concerns, or the potential for exacerbated sequelae may require treatment.
In India, the literature, on prevalence of periodontal disease with special reference to gingival hyperplasia or abscess is meager.
De los tres estudios que evaluaron el indice gingival (Pandis, (34) Cerny (35) y Booth (37)), solo uno de ellos (Booth (37)) encontro diferencias estadisticamente significativas en las puntaciones del indice gingival de las superficies linguales del maxilar, tanto para los dientes anteriores como para los posteriores, con mejores calificaciones en los pacientes con un retenedor mandibular en su lugar.
Compared with placebo, probiotic treatment resulted in significant improvements in plaque index, gingival index, bleeding on probing, probing depth, and attachment gain at every time point.
Conclusions: Using microsurgical technique for treating gingival recessions may be effective in achieving complete root coverage for SCTG.
Gingival Depigmentation and Crown Lengthening in IA- and IB-Type Altered Passive Eruption in the same Surgical Procedure