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a clothing fabric in a plaid weave

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It was not long before Nancy saw her--the slender little girl in the red-checked gingham with two fat braids of flaxen hair hanging down her back.
Gray told me to, at once--about this red gingham dress, you know, and why I'm not in black.
But it's been pretty hard to--to do it, even in red gingham, because I--I wanted him, so; and I couldn't help feeling I OUGHT to have him, specially as mother and the rest have God and all the angels, while I didn't have anybody but the Ladies' Aid.
Just to touch the folds of the soiled gingham dress would, he de- cided, be an exquisite pleasure.
The brown gingham and the blue print will do you for school when you begin to go.
Inspired by Parkers childhood heirlooms, the collection embraces prints and texture by playing with ginghams, stripes, florals and eyelet in classic Gap silhouettes.
Larger ginghams will maximise your assets, so wear them on the area you want to show off the most.
com Ventuno 21 peak lapel From tiny ginghams to big plaids, checks are everywhere this season.
MAKE some bunting from Christmas fabrics and colourful ginghams to hold those extra cards.
Or check out retro queen Cath Kidston's fantastic range of ginghams, cowboy prints and rose designs (www.
Now Western- style shirts with pearl buttons and lots of ginghams are making their mark.
The ginghams will be used on textural fabrics and the look will be printed.
Florals, frills and ginghams are your fashion passport to a summer romance.
99 for the twin sheet; and Coordinates, a line of solids, eyelets and ginghams designed to mix and match with the prints.