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a clothing fabric in a plaid weave

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Just to touch the folds of the soiled gingham dress would, he de- cided, be an exquisite pleasure.
The brown gingham and the blue print will do you for school when you begin to go.
But I fancy there were times when she thought it rather hard that the daughter of a roving adventurer--as she considered him--like Blair Stanley should disport herself in silk dresses, while her own daughters must go clad in gingham and muslin--for those were the days when a feminine creature got one silk dress in her lifetime, and seldom more than one.
However, she was greatly disappointed to find that her visitors were merely a small girl in a gingham dress, a copper man that would only go when wound up, and a yellow hen that was sitting contentedly in Langwidere's best work-basket, where there was a china egg used for darning stockings.
The telegram says 'light hair, red-checked gingham dress, and straw hat.
It was not long before Nancy saw her--the slender little girl in the red-checked gingham with two fat braids of flaxen hair hanging down her back.
Gray told me to, at once--about this red gingham dress, you know, and why I'm not in black.
But it's been pretty hard to--to do it, even in red gingham, because I--I wanted him, so; and I couldn't help feeling I OUGHT to have him, specially as mother and the rest have God and all the angels, while I didn't have anybody but the Ladies' Aid.
Saxon made for herself simple house slips of pretty gingham, with neat low collars turned back from her fresh round throat.
ere reflection; and for the present just put that bit of pink gingham into your pocket.
Little Jacob applauded till his hands were sore; Kit cried 'an-kor' at the end of everything, the three-act piece included; and Barbara's mother beat her umbrella on the floor, in her ecstasies, until it was nearly worn down to the gingham.
The Norwegian 6ft full pine green tree is pounds 65 and is decorated with felt gingham trim heart pounds 2, felt gingham trim mittens pounds 2, felt gingham trim stockings pounds 2, white felt snowflake (from pack of three) pounds 3 and gingerbread girls and boys at pounds 3.
Boathouse, inspired by a menswear jacket, features seersucker, gingham and chambray fabrics.
LANCASTER - Sheriff's homicide detectives were investigating the shooting death of a man Tuesday afternoon at a home in the 44600 block of Gingham Avenue.
Or try this red gingham gypsy top, pounds 8/pounds 10, and denim skirt with frill, pounds 15/pounds 18.