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Synonyms for gingery

having a taste like that of ginger

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(used especially of hair or fur) having a bright orange-brown color


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The new more gingery variety is available now in all good supermarkets and convenience stores priced 69p.
One is 6ft tall, aged 20 to 21, with short gingery cropped hair and a gold stud in his right ear.
ATHIS sounds like classic wireworm damage - these tiny gingery worm-like creatures are the larvae of the click beetle and measure up to 2.
South Wales Police officers are hunting for a man about 5ft 10ins tall, with olive or tanned skin and gingery blond stubble.
And then there is the almost-as-good tender steamed filet of gingery striped bass ($18.
They've got quite unusual markings, they're gingery and with black speckles.
Playing Judas will be different - although he could end up being a gingery wee Scot.
The boy had short, gingery brown hair and a blue or black football manager-style coat.
The second youth is described as about 16, slim, with gingery short hair.
For accompaniments, there's a texture treat in a Singapore curry mi-fun noodle ($6) recipe made with ultra-thin rice noodles flavored with a touch of yellow curry and tossed with shrimp, bean sprouts and bits of barbecued pork and onion; also a dryish version of garlicky, gingery sauteed string beans.
Initially the gingery minced pork, shrouded in gauzy starch, slipped between my chopsticks in a comedy routine.
He was wearing a black vest and had short, light brown, gingery hair and brown teeth, some of which are missing.
The first man was white, aged 30 to 40, 5ft 6in and stocky, with short fair or gingery hair.
The man is described as white, 6ft 2in, about 23-years-old, of thin build with thick blond gingery hair.
Jimenez grew his hair and restored its natural gingery colour two years ago "to be a little different.