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Synonyms for gingerly

Synonyms for gingerly

trying attentively to avoid danger, risk, or error

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with extreme care or delicacy

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Then she came close to the side of the dead man and kneeling upon the floor felt gingerly of the body.
When the firelight again illuminated the room there was seen, sitting gingerly on the edge of a stool by the hearthside, a swarthy little man of prepossessing appearance and dressed with faultless taste, nodding to the old man with a friendly and engaging smile.
Whereupon Anne arose, took the pink heart gingerly between the tips of her fingers, dropped it on the floor, ground it to powder beneath her heel, and resumed her position without deigning to bestow a glance on Gilbert.
We did not dare refuse but we each held our lozenge very gingerly in our hands.
I took it up gingerly and held it in the light of the lantern.
Poirot delicately dipped his finger into liquid, and tasted it gingerly.
Four men gingerly carried the crate from the wagon into a small, high-walled back yard.
The animal gingerly launched himself on the treacherous footing, irregularly losing and gaining his hind feet, keeping his fore legs stiff, and steadily and calmly, without panic or nervousness, extricating the fore feet as fast as they sank too deep into the sliding earth that surged along in a wave before him.
At last, however, we heard the creak of the hinges, and it seems my uncle slipped gingerly out and (seeing that Alan had stepped back a pace or two) sate him down on the top doorstep with the blunderbuss ready in his hands.
asked one of the other, as they rose and tripped gingerly behind the sire.
We crept very gingerly down the stairs, which creaked a bit in spite of us, and we picked up our shoes in the passage; then down some narrow stone steps, at the foot of which Raffles showed his light, and put on his shoes once more, bidding me do the same in a rather louder tone than he had permitted himself to employ overhead.
Lord Dawlish stood in the doorway of the outhouse, holding the body of Eustace gingerly by the tail.
The big wheels of hansoms turned slowly along the edge of side-walks; a pale-faced youth strolled, overcome by weariness, by the side of his stick and with the tails of his overcoat flapping gently near his heels; horses stepped gingerly on the greasy pavement, tossing their heads; two young girls passed by, talking vivaciously and with shining eyes; a fine old fellow strutted, red-faced, stroking a white moustache; and a line of yellow boards with blue letters on them approached us slowly, tossing on high behind one another like some queer wreckage adrift upon a river of hats.
So I was dismayed to see the Irish and French fans pre-match on Sunday morning gingerly picking their way around discarded bottles, dumped fast food wrappers and piles of sick splattered on the pavement.
covering of the white stuff One motorist was seen taking in the wintry view over the moors while a lone cyclist gingerly made his way over one of the roads.