ginger pop

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ginger-flavored carbonated drink

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In 1964 the show was censored by the Temperance Union for a ginger pop recipe they called 'a dangerously alcoholic brew.
After 22 years Ginger Pop is retiring, the pony has been a favourite with children at which Riding for the Disabled centre?
The activities include a Ginger Pop tour of Enid Blyton, private access to Brownsea Island, Granny Cousins ghost walk around Poole Old Town, a Poole Harbour boat trip and mountain bike rides to the Purbeck Hills.
The beer bottle dates to about 1900 and the stone ginger pop bottle (which is pictured, left) is from around the same time.
So it was a natural career move when the ginger pop star purchased a Sicilian vineyard and began fermenting his first vintage: a cheeky little number called The Singer.
I will visit the Unicorn Centre with a bag of carrots for Noah, Angus, Murphy 1, Murphy 2, Tom, Duke, Fred, Grenadier, Syd, Magic, Alby, Alfie, Charlie, Ginger Pop, Spider, Spike, Lady, Louie, Patrick, Bob and Paddy.
We'd put hot tin sheets from the bottom of the oven into the beds or a stone ginger pop bottle filled with hot water.