ginger nut

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a crisp round cookie flavored with ginger

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And in a bid to get more red-heads flocking to the club, where DJ Ginger Nuts will be on the decks, they are offering free entry before midnight.
Harry Simpson of Ginger Nut Media, who also stars in the new Apprenticeships films, said: "It's important to reassure small businesses that hiring apprentices really is an easy process, that support is available and that the rewards of doing so can be fantastic.
Just before tucking in, drizzle each one with rhubarb syrup and crumble a ginger nut biscuit on top.
sit They sit on the plate next to the ginger nuts and the bourbons and are therefore biscuits-byassociation.
Makes 1 large cheesecake 150g digestives crumbed 150g ginger nuts crumbed 150g butter melted 700g cream cheese 350g good quality white chocolate 150 ml double cream Seeds from 2 vanilla pods or 1 tsp vanilla extract 75g caster sugar 120g stem/preserved ginger (bought in a jar in syrup) fi nely chopped
Strong cases can be made for Ginger Nut Blond, Christy Delboy and Lethimloose and a fine race is in prospect.
Quite what all these women see in the charmless ginger nut is a mystery.
The ginger nut is the favourite biscuit of Birmingham's Sounds in the Round fraternity.
A survey of various biscuits put the ginger nut ahead of such also-rans as the chocolate hobnob, the digestive and the Garibaldi, based on a complex formula combining taste, structure and "optimum dunking threshold".
CARROT-TOP, chuckie, ginger nut - most people blessed with red hair will have heard them all.
Individual Bourbon and Ginger Trifles Serves 4 Ingredients 600ml water 2 sachets Vege-gel 1 tsp natural orange extract 3 tbsp bourbon 3 tbsp ginger syrup (from the stem ginger jar) 50g crushed ginger nut biscuits 80g stem ginger, chopped 250ml vegan custard To garnish Vegan whipped cream (optional), mint leaves Method Mix the first six ingredients together in a large saucepan then bring to the boil.
Keeley McGee's Messi will be favourite for the first heat, but the Pat Cushen-trained Ginger Nut Blond could make full use of a decent trap draw.
IT is more than 13 years since ginger nut Chris Evans first exploded on to our screens in The Big Breakfast.
Then my eye wandered to the ginger nut biscuits, which were more than EUR2.
The founder of Ginger Nation says: "Any ginger nut will tell you of the taunts they get over their hair colour.