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ginger-flavored carbonated drink

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These award-winning ginger ales are brewed directly from fresh ginger root, spices and fruit juices in a brewing process that predates modern hi-tech soft drinks.
The new campaign coincides with the continued growth in the number of adult soft drink consumers shifting from colas to the light and less sweet taste of ginger ales.
And now in 1995, Cadbury Beverages' Canada Dry Ginger Ale brand travels to the Canadian great outdoors to make its home.
In a major repositioning of its 75-year-old ginger ale, Cadbury Beverages defines its Canada Dry Ginger Ale niche with a $35 million integrated marketing campaign scheduled to break in 1995.
Sound effects of ice cubes dropping into a glass, Canada Dry Ginger Ale poured over the cubes and a refreshing gulp of the beverage are matched to images of animals in their natural habitat.