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Koshka, the black cat, had a lucky escape after he was trapped in a gin trap in the Narberth area in Pembrokeshire.
Friendly feline Sooty went out on the prowl near his Antrim Road home in Lisburn, Co Antrim, when he walked into a treacherous gin trap - triggering the cruel device's teeth to snap shut on the terrified cat's right hind leg.
Vets are fighting to save a cat's paw after it was almost severed by an illegal gin trap in Northumberland.
Obviously, many bankers and the heads of professional associations have squealed like pigs caught in gin traps at the thought of a tax on self-interested speculation.
Gin traps - heavy steel devices with razor-sharp teeth - were banned 30 years ago but were found on Scottish shooting estates in 2004.
Animal experts branded it a "cruel and barbaric" device which is similar to the illegal gin traps once used to trap rabbits and foxes.
The RSPCA has launched an investigation into the incident, as gin traps have been outlawed.
Insp Brown said: 'The use of gin traps has been illegal since 1954 and the injuries that these cats sustained were horrific.