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  • adj

Synonyms for gimpy

disabled in the feet or legs

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You all high and mighty thinking your something and your skiving to watch your gimpy wean and leaving animals to suffer all over the place.
But he is, looming large as a shrimpy, gimpy psycho with oversize plans and the cunning to execute them.
Maybe a month of rest will do wonders for Oregon and Marcus Mariota's gimpy knee.
In last year's Olympics, Rahimi finished eighth and Yazdany fifth and limped off the mat with a gimpy knee.
Fish, the 2004 Olympic silver medalist in Athens, entered this week on a gimpy right ankle, one he injured two weeks ago in Atlanta.
They feel viewers will warm to Kate's larger than life personality and blunt put-downs - although producers were startled at how sarcastic and rude she was to the gimpy guy in the pilot episode.
Snook and redfish anglers do well around the rocky bars that line the Anclote navigation channel through the flats near Tarpon Springs; this is sardine country, and best action results from chunking a few gimpy free dines out to drift through the cuts, then floating one out with a No.
It was pulled by a gimpy donkey accompanied by Lan's wife, a woman with bound feet.
Gregory House, with his gimpy leg and pill addiction, fits in with the network's image.
Still, the gimpy, far-from-real fiberglass prototype is pivotal for the company.
America has long been proud of its own Eighth Air Force, but little has been heard from the Brits who flew the creaking Wellingtons, the gimpy Halifaxes and finally the superb Lancasters through the night skies of Europe.
Adapted from a 1965 novel by James Leo Herlihy, Midnight Cowboy is a story about the relationship between a dim-witted hustler named Joe Buck (Voight) and Ratso, a gimpy con man played by Dustin Hoffman, set in a rampantly depraved New York City.
More even than gimpy sister Manitoba, Saskatchewan was plagued by socialist governments, worshipping at the altar of St.
No gimpy ground-bouncing backside flips for Arizona's Brandon Steed.