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Synonyms for gimp

disability of walking due to crippling of the legs or feet

walk impeded by some physical limitation or injury

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EDINBURGH: The good, the bad and the gimps of comedy got into full swing on the first night of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival on Friday night.
The microeconomic derivation and the properties of the GIMP when market power comes from the demand side are the same as those of Scully's rate of monopsonistic exploitation RME.
The course assumes nothing, and you begin with short lessons about how photos are made of pixels, how you import them into the program, the different color models, file formats for images, and how to set up GIMP on your computer.
Moreover, when people with disabilities join together, as Irvin did when she first joined a disability advocacy organization in the 1970s, they can not only raise their consciousness about their common experiences with discrimination and the gimp mystique, but also begin to change society's ideas of normalcy.
began to suspect the gimp mask had only been the beginning and my fears were confirmed.
They filmed the 27-year-old artist for more than 13 years, and last year, the HBO film King Gimp, written by Keplinger, won an Oscar for Best Documentary Short Subject.
GIMP members sign up for the assistance they need on a biweekly basis, paying for these services by the half hour.
Back in 1952, in an essay entitled "The Gimp," he tackled A Place in the Sun (no.
The Isabelle collection is a hand-pieced, heat-transfer jacquard and is embellished with French gimp and cording, for an elegant, highly decorated look.
com) listed five free post-production software for photographers: GIMP (http://www.
One of Mr Poulson's online comments, referring to an event attended by Cllr Radford, said: "Cllr Radford and his candidate (the gimp from the cellar) came dressed as tramps and ate all our butties like they had been living in the bus stop.
And when Vinnie Jones appears in an armoured gimp suit, things takes a turn for the worst that you wouldn't have imagined possible.
It teaches how to create 3D models and uses three example projects to train users through the intricacies, possibilities and pitfalls of the program, teaching how to work with art in Blender and GIMP, how to use its tools to create better models, and how to achieve texture and 3D artwork qualities.
The second section is reference to such matters as the GIMP interface, layers, masks, transformation tools, obtaining and printing images, and customizing.
Based in the Canadian Rockies, the Banff Centre, which r1uns the festival, has handpicked 35 screenings for the UK alone, among them Crossing The Ice and The Gimp Monkeys.