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Synonyms for gimmick

Synonyms for gimmick

a clever, unexpected new trick or method

Synonyms for gimmick

a drawback or difficulty that is not readily evident


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The classic example of this was Mousetrap, which was almost entirely gimmick and very little game at all.
and what show cycle was l y -by dismount walk Park investment When Enough with the gimmicks which just serve as a fig leaf for lack of investmentent in sustainable transport Ed Bridges
If there's an inference from Asda that it's a gimmick, that's certainly not true," he said.
1-2-3 Diabetes Diet: A Step-By-Step Approach To Weight Loss Without Gimmicks Or Risks by Robert J.
People who have to use gimmicks are desperate--if you have a great product you don't have to have any gimmicks.
Executive director of Connexions Coventry and Warwickshire, Steve Stewart, said: "The advice we've had from young people is that they simply want good quality independent advice and information they can trust without the need for gimmicks such as opportunity cards.
But despite the overwhelming prevalence of gimmicks, there are truly innovative ideas that consist of thinking about familiar things in unfamiliar ways, and so obtaining insights that would otherwise be unlikely or impossible.
The book is divided into four parts: Sneaky Tricks and Gimmicks, such as detecting counterfeit bills using magnets; Sneaky Gadgets and Gizmos, such as using a wire-controlled toy car to make a power room door opener; Security Gadgets and Gizmos, such as a Rube Goldberg-type device for capturing break-ins on film; and Sneaky Survival Techniques, like how to use a plastic bag to obtain drinking water from plants--and also (caveat emptor) how to make clubs and knives from rocks and glass shards.
There's a lot of bands around in hardcore that have gimmicks, whether it be fashion or a stupid topic to sing about that they always use in all their songs," Jones says.
The products are solid, noted one judge, "and not loaded with a lot of gimmicks.
Bradburn told The Advocate that in addition to appreciating nudes, he preferred classic and romantic imagery to trendy modernity and gimmicks.
Gimmicks are what count and nobody does them better these days than McCartney and McQueen.
Sadly, both in Washington and in many states, some elected officials are proposing vouchers, tuition tax credits, and other gimmicks that undermine public schools.
While the gimmicks were memorable, the film he is best remembered for is "Rosemary's.
We all seem to have an ability to be sucked into gimmicks.