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Republicans profess great indignation about such parliamentary gimmickry.
WATCHING Channel 4 Racing on Saturday, I found we had to put up with yet more gimmickry.
But advantage Bahrain for not responding to any of the allegations or resorting to gimmickry.
Asif said the Home Minister resigning is not a solution but only a political gimmickry being played by the ruling leadership.
The success of these poems derives from Beam's consistent focus on developing a thought and allowing us to watch it move, grow, and die without embellishment or gimmickry.
I am sure that the majority of Africans are becoming aware that the gimmickry is dying out.
As sobering as that assessment may be, it points the way to workable solutions, and away from legislative gimmickry.
They all give the band character, adding a lot of style - perhaps gimmickry - to decent songs that give you a hint of the Baywatch theme here, a touch of Miami Vice there, and echoes of The Police, Level 42 and mid-period Stevie Wonder elsewhere.
An apparently encouraging aspect is that Martin Chambers is at the helm, so long as he draws firmly upon the internal and timeless cathedral-like quality of his Touchwood Shopping Centre rather than the transitory gimmickry of Millennium Point's oh-so-forgettable exterior and 'Star Wars' atrium.
Since Nolan is up-front about the gimmickry, you can hardly object to the mind games he plays (like a virtuoso) throughout the movie.
In reality, this sort of borrowing increases the national debt, but clever accounting gimmickry permits the government to claim money borrowed from trust funds as revenue.
Not clear either: Both partake of gimmickry and experimentalism.
Johnson, is chock-a-block with celebrities--Rex Reed interviewing actress Ava Gardner, Gary Wills interpreting Martin Luther King, Wolfe crashing a Leonard Bernstein party--because back then you could still gain access and raise eyebrows with flashy writing gimmickry.
Ambiguities were increasingly blurring the boundaries between trade show and cultural exposition, and serious contributions to architecture and exhibition design were, in his view, compromised by attention-seeking gimmickry.
8 turbo diesel motor just can't cope with more than two tons of gimmickry and returns under 20mpg.