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a cocktail made of gin or vodka and lime juice

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hand tool for boring holes

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For an alternative and totally unpredictable beverage, go for the gimlet.
Gimlet has built up an acclaimed lineup of podcasts that now regularly land on most-downloaded lists and which have smart integration of advertising.
While there is always room for improvement, Gimlet offers a great service at a relatively low cost.
Gimlet also builds a knowledgebase for those who want it.
NIGHT I'd head to one of New York's many prohibition-style bars for a gin gimlet.
Of all the bar concepts that restaurateurs have toyed around in our city, no one gave the time of day to a speakeasy- inspired watering hole where you could sip a Gimlet ( Bombay Sapphire and lime cordial) from a porcelain teacup and nibble on finger food with a crooner belting out jazz numbers in the background.
In three different banks here it was the same: people sitting on chairs, gimlet eyes on the teller window, mouths downturned as a person with swag, swaggers to the window.
Transtromer seems to hang over [Sweden's] landscape with a gimlet eye that sees the world with an almost mystical precision.
Kenny further chastised the hierarchy for its chronic "managing" of the scandal going back many years, saying "the Vatican's reaction was to parse and analyze it with the gimlet eye of a canon lawyer.
When it comes to financial services companies in particular, advisors rightly turn a gimlet eye on those who claim that this time it's different, and on those who winkingly repeat the mantra that past performance is no guarantee of future results but then suggest the opposite.
Local businesses, however, cast a gimlet eye on the new kids from Fairport.
The manager of the contingent fixed him with a gimlet gaze.
Drink them on the rocks to capture the fruit taste or use in a cocktail such as a cosmo, vodka gimlet, vodka tonic and more.
At least we were until we got burned by the Pineapple Habanero Gimlet at Bel Ami Lounge.
Jones has a gimlet eye that bores beyond the societal to find the deeper truths in the relationships between friends, family, and community.