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Synonyms for gimcrackery

ornamental objects of no great value

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As if the price of gas weren't high enough, Americans experienced new pain at the pumps this week as they watched the presidential candidates engage in gas-tax gimcrackery and gas-pump grandstanding aimed at squeezing out a few more votes per mile.
I am reminded of this piece of souvenir shop gimcrackery whenever I think of the little narrative that follows, the key scene of which takes places in this very office--although I was not, myself, present on that occasion.
Rightly or wrongly, Clancy's longstanding appeal is grounded in the perception that he's technically accurate when describing military hardware and other techno-wizard gimcrackery.
In fact, the entire series has an almost comic air of politically correct gimcrackery about it.
A few years ago, Federated management considered offering coupons for additional percentages off and other promotional gimcrackery in an effort to make white sales more productive.