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an appliance that allows an object (such as a ship's compass) to remain horizontal even as its support tips

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At the British Army demonstration area, visitors will be able to watch the soldiers gather full motion video through the integrated stabilized Tase LT gimbal provided by Goodrich's cloud cap technology team and view it in near real-time on the intelligence exploitation system, which allows dissemination to multiple sources.
There is no safety problem with using the new grip and gimbal assembly, PN 12976231-1, with the old handstation as long as the new lever assembly, PN 12976320-1, is installed.
The camera is housed in a gimbal assembly attached to the underside of the UAV fuselage.
The gimbal cam socket assembly consists of a set of three eccentric (not centered on the same axis) cams designed to tightly grip onto the fuse adapter, similar to the rubber pad used to twist the lids off stubborn jars.
Further increasing functionality, the SHOTOVER U1 gimbal (U1g) can be detached from the multirotor and used as a standalone gyro-stabilized platform for mounting on motorcycles, cars, boats, cables and almost anything that moves.
Its development rests along four technological pillars: a robust and innovative electric powered airframe, the most advanced gimbal in the world to optimise observed frontline and range, the highest tactical datalink standard, and a combat-proven command and control software.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, has delivered its first Beralcast azimuth gimbal housing components to Lock-heed Martin to be used in the F-35 Lightning II Electro Optical Targeting System (EOTS).
To better connect and engage with shoppers, PlaceWise will begin by installing Gimbal Proximity Beacons Series 21 across more than 60 premier malls and retail centers by the end of 2015.
HoodTech Visions' ultra-stabilized gimbal system features exceptionally low size, weight, and power (low-SWaP) requirements for small to medium unmanned systems.
Flir also proposes the lighter Talon, which can host simultaneously up to six payloads in a nine-inch stabilised gimbal, including thermal imaging camera, image intensification CCD camera, laser pointer or laser illuminator, laser rangefinder and inertial measurement unit.
The device is a monolithic silicon gyroscope and consists of a vibrating mass, electrostatic drive electrodes, electrostatic pick-off electrodes, two anchors, supporting beams, inner gimbal and outer gimbal as shown in Fig.
Bringing together video processing, image stabilization and target tracking in a small low power system, this new product will greatly increase the stability and image range of the Goodrich TASE gimbal family produced at Goodrich's ISR Systems business in Hood River, Oregon (Cloud Cap Technology) or similar gimbaled camera systems developed by other manufacturers.
The company said the VPS II brings together video processing, image stabilisation and target tracking in a small low power system, which will greatly increase the stability and image range of the Goodrich TASE gimbal family, as well as similar gimbaled camera systems developed by other manufacturers.
The stolen items include a ship's telegraph, a binnacle with compass, a ship's walker log, a bilge pump, a light starboard, a ship's two sleeved wooden block, a submarine safety lamp, a brass fishing float, an 8-inch gimbal ship's candle lamp, a 12-inch bronze cleat, a 14-inch four sided ship's lamp, two iron bellying pins and a wooden bottle with brass rings.
I am thrilled to work with this exceptional management team to drive continued growth for both Gimbal and the exciting community of enterprises and consumers it serves.