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Washington gill-netters would be unaffected by the measure - a fundamental flaw that puts into question the proposal's enforceability and real intent.
In January 2010, a near maximum size giant sea bass (500 pound or 227 kg was captured off Santa Cruz Island by commercial gill-netters legally targeting white seabass (Atractoscion nobilis).
Her allies include the Wilderness Tourism Association, the area gill-netters association and the fishing vessel owners association.
Already a whopping 120,000 Olive Ridleys have succumbed to illegal fishing and coastal development in Orissa over the past decade, ensnared by trawlers and gill-netters that skim the waters during the nesting season.
We left the morning of December 16th at 8:30 with Leelos and Kuitan towing the gill-netters in two long lines, the boats stretching for about three-quarters of a mile .
The run is "the guts" of the fishery, according to Eaton, for both Lower Columbia gill-netters and the Indian tribes that fish above Bonneville Dam and are allowed half the in-river catch by law.